Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Let's Play Together!: 365 Activities, Games & Projects for Young Children

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- Featuring more than 365 activities originally developed for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
- Nearly 300 big, full-color pages of lessons, crafts, games, songs and more
- Enough fun to keep little ones playing and learning all year long
- Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is the 2019 Emmy Award-winner for Outstanding Preschool Children's Animated Series

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Let's Play Together! provides parents, grandparents and childcare professionals with hundreds of fun, imaginative activities for entertaining young children at a moment's notice, while educating them about basic life lessons at the same time. 

What's more, each activity was originally developed for the original Mister Rogers' Neighborhood television program and presented by Fred Rogers during the show. Each of this book's 288 pages feature bright, beautiful colors that are populated by Daniel Tiger and his friends, ensuring the attention of children throughout. 

Readers will find everything from making vegetable prints and popsicles to learning new concepts like empty vs. full, the differences between shapes, and how to manage one's feelings. 

Each activity includes materials, directions and special "Things to Talk About" suggestions to help your children learn while they play. Inside you'll discover: 
- 365 activities for children ages 2 - 5 
- Special notes for parents and caretakers on how to play effectively with children and help encourage their creativity
- Recipes for making modeling dough, paste and finger paint
- Directions for making play props, like milk carton blocks, lacing cards, game spinners, costume hats and more

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